Thursday, 19 May 2011

Colour Therapy

 "I think it pisses God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and don't notice it." -Shug

Who could forget this famous line from Alice Walker's timeless novel (& film) The Color Purple?  The connection between spirituality, colour, and awareness are all alluded to in these few words.

Most of us take colour for granted, but imagine how bleak the world would be without it.  We're surrounded by colour all of the time, yet think little of its significance.  Colour's importance shouldn't be underestimated though.  Just think how satisfying it is painting a room a fresh colour, one that reflects the current mood of your home.  

For me, the colours I wear each day express how I'm feeling.  When I was pregnant with my daughter, I only wanted to wear deep pink!  There have been years when my wardrobe has been dominated by purple.  At the moment blues and greens are calling to me for the first time. When I'm feeling dramatic and desire attention, I love wearing red to offset my black hair and eyes.  

Have you ever considered that the colours you’re drawn to might uncover hidden truths about yourself?  Is it possible that the colours you choose are a way of externalizing your inner beauty?  Perhaps colour is a language and whispers gently about the stirrings of Soul.  Not long ago I went for my first Aura-Soma consultation and marvelled afterward about what the reading revealed.
Are you wondering what Aura-Soma is and what happens during a session?  Colour therapy for the soul obviously isn’t something we’re taught in school.  For some, it may require a suspension of disbelief to understand that the colours we are attracted to speak deeply about our nature.  I wasn’t sure what to expect when I arrived at my friend Dee’s house for a reading, but was curious to see if she’d unlock any secrets regarding my life’s purpose.

When I arrived, there were 108 cards laid out with a variety of colour combinations.  Usually bottles with liquid are used instead of the cards, which give greater clarity to the colours.  Each bottle is associated with a card from the Tarot and has a special meaning.

Dee asked me to choose 4 cards.  I chose the first one instantly.  Royal blue (B96) has been my favourite colour as long as I can remember, and the card seemed to jump out at me.  Apparently it has associations with the Chakras and correlates to the third eye.  The second card (B33) was very similar to the first except that it had turquoise on the bottom half.  It took me longer to choose the last two cards, but finally I went with Purple/ Magenta (B25) and Yellow/ Clear (B70). 

Once I picked all of my cards, Dee flipped them over so I could see the images on the other side.  Each card has a name and she explained its meaning.  I’d like to share them with you.  The descriptions are directly quoted from The Aura-Soma Sourcebook by Mike Booth and Carol McKnight.  I’d highly recommend it for further reading.

Double Royal Blue (B96):  This colour represents communication fed from above.
Name:  Archangel Raphael- Fosters deep inner peace and clear intuitive perceptions.  Also supports sharing wisdom in a heartfelt way.
Tarot Card:  Return Journey of the Moon
Keynote:  “To bring the creative possibility of conception into form.  Clarity in relation to the higher energetics of being.”  Dee explained this is a colour associated with sensitivity and clairvoyance.  It nurtures how we relate to ourselves and others.  
I was fascinated by this card.  When my maternal grandmother was alive, she claimed to have extrasensory perception. I’ve always been very intuitive like she was.  Growing up it was normal in our family to accept the non-rational as valid.  I was encouraged to follow 'hunches,' which have proved to be a wondrous guiding light.

Royal Blue/ Turquoise (B33): Turquoise represents creative communication with the heart and is associated with the process of individuation as explored by Carl Jung. “As we get in touch with our creative force, linking our heart’s communication, we may express our heartfelt feelings in song, dance, painting or poetry.”   This couldn’t be more apt!
Name: Dolphin Bottle/ Peace with a Purpose
Tarot Card: Four of Wands
Keynote: “Clarity and playfulness.  Spontaneity and joy.  A communication from the heart clearly expressed.”  A couple of passages struck me when I read about this card in greater depth. “B33 may suggest that we are calm and peaceful souls who find pleasure in being creative.  It can also suggest we have difficulties with the male/ father model and with authority.”  Everything stated about this card applies to me!  I have a lot of fire, but peace is certainly a big priority of mine.  And please don’t talk to me about authority figures… 

Purple/ Magenta (B25): Magenta signifies love in the little things.
Name: Florence Nightingale Bottle- This bottle indicates that we may be called to service in healing, caring for others. “B25 symbolizes service, healing and love from a divine source put into attentive care.”
Tarot Card: Knight of Wands
Keynote: “A mystic.  One who is inspired by the inspiration fed in from above.  A pioneering spirit in the service of others.”  Dee suggested counselling might be a good career choice for me; she wasn’t the first person to recommend this.  I’ve been open to the idea, but for now I love practicing massage therapy and helping people connect to themselves on a deeper level through bodywork.  I’ve had some experience channelling energy through my hands which I’d like to explore more.

Yellow/ Clear (B70)
Name: Vision of Splendour
Tarot Card: Nine of Pentacles
Keynote: “The clarity to see the bigger picture more openly.  To gain knowledge in relation to the vibration of light.”
The final card signifies where I am headed in the future.  Vision of Splendour helps us let go of suffering (symbolized by the clear element).  We’re offered a chance to “celebrate the moment despite difficulties, to be open to the sight of beauty.”  This colour invites us to “make friends with our confusion.”  By doing so, illumination and greater clarity awaits.

Dee gave me an affirmation at the end of my reading which could benefit everyone.  I hope you find it as helpful as I have:
“I let go of the past and love myself the way I am.”

If you are interested in having an Aura-Soma consultation, contact the ASIACT website.  Even if you don't, perhaps you'll be inspired to pay more attention to colour.  The next time you see a magnificent rainbow, why not offer up a wish or a prayer of thanks?

A Big Thanks to Lovely Dee!


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