Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A Blog Award – What An Honor!

My special thanks to Justina Hurley for giving me this award!

The rules for the Versatile Blogger Award Are:
- Thank the blogger who nominated you.
- Share 7 random things about yourself. (My list is at the end of the post)
- Nominate 15 fellow bloggers.
- Inform the bloggers of their nomination.
- Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture on your blog post.

Recently I've thought about taking a break from blogging.  I'm under a lot of pressure at the moment, and time is scarce.  When Justina nominated my blog for this award, it caught me by surprise.  I was honored by her description of A Robin's View: "Honest and moving writing from the heart."  Discovering that the online space I've created is valued has meant a lot to me.

I'm happy to have an opportunity to pay it forward to bloggers I admire, including Justina.  I've never met most of the writers I'm nominating, but their lives have touched mine.  All of these women have  something in common.  Not only are they extremely creative and gifted at what they do, but they also uplift others with every word, image, or concept they give birth to.  I am grateful for the wisdom and inspiration they graciously share.

Nominated Bloggers (In no particular order):

  1. Here we have storytelling from Jerusalem, which completely captivates my imagination. Roxanne’s clear voice and colorful images speak deeply of our humanity.
  2. Still Breathing reminds me that each day is a gift.  Patti writes eloquently about her life in Canada.
  3. From the moment I read Judy Clement Wall’s Love Manifesto, I was hooked. She’s a kindred spirit fearlessly choosing love over cynicism.
  4. Mrs. Mediocrity claims to be “an average Jo,” but don’t be fooled. Her photographs and poetry are exquisitely beautiful. 
  5.  French Christmas is filled with vignettes of Noel’s world. I admire her artistry as she paints pictures with words.
  6. Milli Thornton helps writers to overcome their fears.  She is approachable, full of encouragement and verve. I’m working up the courage to attempt one of her 10 K days!
  7. Julie Daley’s blog is sumptuous. Unabashedly Female celebrates femininity in a soulful way that never fails to inspire me.
  8. Karen Waldrond’s work spurred BlogHers’s Own Your Beauty initiative, which I absolutely adored.  Her writing and photography focus on the concept that what makes us different also makes us beautiful.
  9. Brené Brown encourages us to approach life wholeheartedly.  Her research reveals that our strength lies in our vulnerability. This TEDx video is a great introduction to her work.
  10. Jen Gibson created Roots of She as a gathering place for women to engage and practice self-care for the soul.
  11. Justina is intuitive, full of inspiration, and has many insights to share regarding healing.
  12.  Here you will find lyrical writing from a bad-ass Londoner rockin' her Nigerian roots.  Stereo is one witty lady!
  13. Stories  Community Art  Kindness
  14. The Barefoot Heart is where Wholly Jeanne expresses her humor and weaves stories with both words and cloth. 
  15. Selina Barker's adventurous attitude and zest for life simply delight me. 

Seven Random Facts:

  1.  According to my grandma, she nicknamed me “Giggles” because I started laughing before I could verbalize any other sounds when I was a baby.  
  2. I think my life’s purpose is simply to connect with others.
  3. I’m devoted to Love & Beauty.
  4. I dream about water more than anything else.
  5. When I had my birth chart read a few years ago, the astrologer described me as a “tripped-out Capricorn” (because of contrasting Uranus influences), which still makes me smile.
  6. I’m full of contradictions as a result: a hardworking free-spirit, both spontaneous and practical.
  7. I still want to learn how to double dutch before I finish growing up.


  1. THANKS LADY! I am so honored!!! :)

  2. I have been checking your blog daily for a new post and today I was rewarded! I can't wait to check out some of the other bloggers you listed!

  3. I totally agree with Justina's description of A Robin's View: "Honest and moving writing from the heart." Couldn't say it better myself.

    I'm touched and honored to be included on your list of 15! Whenever I think of you I only have good vibes - about both writing and dancing - and receiving this blogger award from your kind of warm and wonderful is what makes it feel so good.

    ~ Milli

    P.S. You don't need any extra courage to join us at the 10K Day! We're totally friendly and supportive and all of us - down to the last man/woman - feel appreciative of anyone who shows up to write with us, no matter how many words they produce on the day. :~)

  4. Thanks Robin for including me! Now I see that there are even more lovely blogs to read. All I have to do now is stretch the day out a bit and add a few extra hours... Hope to see you soon and that by the end of summer I WILL have a dance fit knee LOL xx

  5. Your words, "Discovering that the online space I've created is valued has meant a lot to me." are what I am feeling as I read what you feel about Unabashedly Female. I think back to four years ago when I started the blog, and each time I become aware of someone touched by the blog, I feel that sense of knowing how deeply we are all connected.

    This is a lovely honor. Thank you. Julie

  6. I came over here from Milli's blog. What a great list of bloggers! Some I'm familiar with, some not and I will explore their work. Thanks so much.

  7. Welcome, Charlotte! I hope you'll enjoy these blogs as much as I do. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  8. Julie, thanks for your lovely comment. It's truly amazing that we can connect globally in such a multifaceted way through the Internet. Blogging has introduced me to so many wonderful people that I would not have had the opportunity to meet in "real" life, such as yourself. I'm grateful for this!

  9. I know what you mean, Justina! If only there was more time... I hope your knee completely recovers and that you have an enjoyable summer! See you soon. xo

  10. Thanks, Milli! You of course deserve to be included on this list of Super Women. Btw I'm glad you associate me with good vibes. :-)

    Good to know re the 10K Day! I almost signed up in April but got caught up in family drama. The next time it coincides with my weekend off mothering duty, I will sign up. Looking forward to it!

  11. That is so sweet! Thank you for your comment, Miss Cat. In the future I'll try not to disappoint. But the other bloggers are prolific writers and will keep you happy if I do slack off. ;)

  12. You are more than welcome!! You deserve to be recognized as much as possible. xo

  13. I apologize for not making it here sooner, thank you so much for such a lovely honor! What a wonderful group to be included with! xoxo kelly

  14. No need to apologize, Kelly! It's impossible to be everywhere at once. :)


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