Thursday, 8 December 2011

#Reverb11 Prompt: Day 8- Safe

Where did you feel safest this year? Describe the person, place or thing that made you feel safe in 2011.

I risk sounding childish admitting that I felt safest in bed, at my mother’s house in America last summer.  

I love everything about her old Victorian home and have fond memories of living there.  The creaky pine floors, stained glass windows, and marble fireplaces create an old world charm.  Even though it needs constant repairs, there’s something solid about the house.  It continues to withstand age.  It has outlasted my favorite Oak tree, which was struck by lightening and succumbed to disease a few years ago.  

Being home-away-from-home for a month’s respite was wonderful, and I specifically felt safe in bed.  To me, there is no better place!  In my Irish home, I have a good mattress, fluffy pillows, 100% cotton sheets, a goose-down duvet (despite my allergies), and a gorgeous handmade , colorful Indian quilt, which I splurged on at Pottery Barn (though it isn’t the one pictured).  My mom, however, isn’t into such extravagance.

What, then,  was so special about the bed at her house, you ask?  

I slept in the room beside her, while we wandered through dreamscapes alone, but still together...
I was safe.

* Today's prompt was taken from Meredith's Daily Angst.  She and Sarah Rosemary are a fantastic Reverb11 duo!


  1. Your mother's Victorian house looks and sounds so utterly cozy! I can totally understand why you feel safe there. :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm adding yours to my reader so that I can keep up with your posts. :)


  2. Oh my goodness, we are psychic sisters today! I literally just finished answering the same post about a quilt my Mom made me (that she gave me this year). I don't care how grown up you become, there is something so comforting about sleeping under something handmade and having your Mom just a few steps away.

    Beautiful pics too! :)

  3. PPS I already said this on my blog and on twitter, but I am so so so excited to read that book you gave me! :)

  4. Really love this image of your mom taking care of you and giving shelter. Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  5. Aww I love this image so much! I also love how you and Noel both wrote about quilts and dreamspaces

  6. Thank you for this light on a dark winter's day. There is beauty and comfort in your words.

  7. I'm the same! I feel safest snuggled into my bed. Yours at home in Ireland sounds like such a stylish and cozy nest (I would love to see the Indian handmade quilt - you make me want one!)

    Your mom's house looks wonderful and no wonder you feel so safe sleeping there. It looks like a house where you would smell apple pie baking and the creak of loved ones walking the floors would be comforting (instead of annoying, like in this little rented house where you can't move without setting off a chain reaction of creaks throughout the house, LOL!).

    Wonderful post. I love what you're doing with these prompts. :~)

  8. Thanks, Tui! I'm enjoying your blog and am glad Reverb has connected us. :)

  9. That's exactly it: she will always provide shelter when I need it! Thanks for your comment, Paula.

  10. Thanks, Roxanne! I've been offline and can't wait to catch up on all the Reverb posts. I'm intrigued and look forward to reading about Noel's dreamspace!

  11. Thanks for your comment, sweetie! Sending much love! xo

  12. Milli, this made me smile! I'm the baker of pies. My mom prefers to work crosswords or do just about anything rather than cook... She does pride herself on killer Christmas cookies though! :)

  13. Psychic sisters- I love it!! This reminded me that the author I recommended to you also has a book entitled The Tao of Psychology: Synchronicity and Self. I'm popping over to French Christmas to read your post now! :)


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