Friday, 13 May 2011

Aphrodite Soul Sisters

"Collection" a watercolour painting by Maureen Dietz

Since I joined twitter in March, I have made connections with truly inspiring people.  I welcome interactions with strong, empowered, talented women from around the globe. This past week I was delighted to discover Rashaan CruzĂ©, author of "fem chic".  Instantly I recognized that she embodies the Aphrodite archetype too.  I was surprised see one of her most recent posts focuses on The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, a book which continues to hold a special place in my heart.  To me this is an example of synchronicity; it’s no coincidence that Aphrodite is revered as the Alchemical Goddess. 

Recently I invited Maureen Dietz, one of my oldest and dearest friends, to share her creativity on my blog.  I was thrilled she agreed to let me post one of her watercolours.  When I saw which painting she chose to share, I was reminded of Aphrodite once more.  The goddess was born in the sea and carried to shore in a shell, as portrayed in Botticelli’s famous painting.  

“Collection” is composed of many shells, both delicate and strong, each shaped as uniquely as a woman’s curvaceous body.  Maureen says, “I thought I could use layers of paint and water to shape images of them on paper, just as layers of water & sediment shaped each one in nature. When I was making this, I enjoyed staring at the shells' details individually but also admired their collected beauty, gathered together in a field of space. I enjoyed the act of bringing them into relationship with one another on the page, like friends meeting and chatting.” 


Aphrodite is known for multitasking and has many gifts, but this one word sums up her purpose.  She is the Goddess of Love in its many forms and is present whenever souls connect.  She is a healer of hearts.

I think it’s important to honour this archetype because she has the power to transform what is mundane into something beautiful.  Give Aphrodite a seed and she’ll create a colourful garden or perhaps even a baby. She will weave magic with whatever materials she has.  Whether creating art, dancing, singing, or adorning her body, Aphrodite is full of self-expression.  She also invites us to open ourselves to the sensual pleasures life has to offer.

Is it possible to cultivate this archetype?  She is more developed in some women than others, but we can all welcome Aphrodite into our lives. 

For instance, tomorrow I intend to focus more on my senses.  If it continues to rain, I might shift my attention away from my longing for the sun and instead tune in to the way cool drops feel on my skin.  I’ll continue my search for beauty in everyday experiences.  I'll pick purple Irises from the garden and place them in a pretty vase on my table.  Maybe I’ll be more attentive when my children speak to me; I'll hug them tighter, hold them longer. If I had a partner, I'd show him some love too.  Until I meet my special someone, I'll continue to love and relate to myself.  I'll seek soul food and try to satiate my voracious appetite. Perhaps I’ll have fresh seafood tomorrow, indulge in scallops.  When I teach Latin dance in the morning, I’ll enjoy giving my hips an extra wiggle!  After class, I'll sit in the sauna and take pleasure in the way my muscles feel when they relax.  Whatever I do, it will be done with passion, in the spirit of alchemy.

I hope you will invite Aphrodite and her many soul sisters into your life too!  The magic awaits…


A beautiful poem for you:  
To all that is brief and fragile
superficial, unstable,
To all that lacks foundation
argument or principles,
To all that is light,
fleeting, changing, finite
To smoke spirals,
wand roses,
To sea foam
and mists of oblivion….
To all that is light in weight
for itinerants
on this transient earth
Sombre, raving,
with transitory words
and vaporous bubbly wines
I toast
in breakable glasses.
-Maria Eugenia Baz Ferreira

*A special thanks to Maureen Dietz.  To find out more about her art, she can be contacted at

For further reading I'd recommend Jean Shinoda Bolen's book Goddesses in Everywoman: Powerful Archetypes for Women.


  1. Robin, the way you write really draws me in, thank you so much for sharing your creative, artistic, intelligent and delicate world with us. At some point I'd like to repost some of your work and link it back to your blog if that is alright with you. It's tres fem chic honey! So lovely to meet a beautiful woman such as yourself.

    Take excellent care.

  2. This is fantastic, Robin - both your writing and your friend's gorgeous art. I'm so happy to read your Goddess post and still think you'd do fabulous Goddess workshops... though your dance classes are just that really too.

    I would highly recommend Dr. Maureen Robert's work and her references to the alchemical fire - she really ignited mine! It was a profound experience with dreams and creativity on tap afterwards.

    I think you so enjoy connecting up with strong, talented and empowered women because you are one yourself.

    Mighty Aphrodite

  3. Thanks for such positive feedback and for taking the time to write a heartfelt comment! I'm blessed to be surrounded by so many inspiring goddesses in both my daily and virtual lives. I'd love to do workshops with these archetypes; they offer a wonderful framework for understanding ourselves and others. I will look into Dr. Robert's work, thanks.

  4. Robin, your words are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, intelligent, and delicate world with all of us. I must repost one of your articles on my blog and of course will link back to you, the world needs to know about you honey! Your words are healing and I am thankful to have connected with a soul like yours. Stay beautiful freed bird :)


    Rashaan Cruze

  5. Thanks so much, Rashaan! I'm grateful we've connected too and look forward to exchanging more ideas, words, and art in the future! You're an inspiring, beautiful soul. xx


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