Monday, 25 June 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Create

Serpent by Susy Cramer (photo by me)
At the beach yesterday, creative energy swirled through the air, almost tangible.  My children tirelessly dug in the sand, creating a hole nearly as big as themselves.  They dug so deeply, it unexpectedly filled with cool saltwater, tickling their toes, further delighting them.

Isn't that the essense of creativity? 
The element of surprise holds our attention and excites us: What will evolve next?  Where will this creative impulse lead?  The sense of playfulness was fun to witness as I wandered up and down the shore with my cameras in hand.

We were at a gathering of close to 100 people, to celebrate our kindergarten teacher's contributions over the years, since he's moving on.  We don't have a K-8 Waldorf primary school in our area, but the Rudolf Steiner based Two Rivers Kindergarten provides a great start for West Cork children.  Creativity is not only encouraged in Waldorf education, it flourishes!

My son attended from the age of 3-6, and it's been years since he and his sister graduated.  I've lost touch with some of the families, but our bonds remain strong.  Instantly friendships, between adults and children alike, picked up where they had left off yesterday.  It's truly a wonderful community to be a part of!

A group of girls created a mermaid out of  shells, moss, and seaweed they'd gathered.  The detail was exquisite; my photograph, however, doesn't do her justice!

I particularly loved Susy's sand creation, pictured above.  Perhaps it's because of the ancient symbolism. In mythology, the serpent represents fertility, transformation, healing, and rebirth.  It is a deeply feminine symbol, which has unfortunately been demonized in patriarchal society.

In the chapter entitled "The Heroine In Everywoman", Jean Shinoda Bolen speaks of "reclaiming the snake".  Dr. Bolen asserts that snakes often appear in a woman's dreams when she is on the verge of self-discovery.  It is a symbol of self -empowerment and may indicate new-found strength or autonomy.  In my own experience, I can attest that this is true.  When I separated from my husband, it was not uncommon for me to dream of snakes.  Reclaiming the snake, then, is a path to freedom; knowing and owning one's power paves the way for transformormation.

I invite you to embrace the serpent,
to create,
to play,
to be changed by the process...

This entry was inspired by The Daily Post. To see other responses to "Create", click here. The book mentioned in my post is The Goddesses In Everywoman.


  1. I love how you have framed creativity in terms of surprise, Robin. Lovely post.

  2. Thanks, Roxanne! For me, the mystery is one of my favorite aspects of creativity.

  3. Robin, I can really relate to your post. It's all about life's simple pleasures with loved ones, friends, family. That is the essence of life! It's these things that inspire us to create, by touching us deeply! Just loved the fab. story...xo Pam

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment, Pam! I totally agree; simple every day pleasures are what ground and inspire me. xo


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