Tuesday, 31 January 2012

True Confessions- #Cultivate2012

What is your personal outlook for 2012? What do you hope to accomplish this year? What do you need to nurture in order to cultivate your intentions? Write, sketch, color, photograph, create a vision board — do what feels right. 2012 is yours for cultivation!

Damn it’s the last day of January and I’m still trying to figure out what my outlook for the year is! Bear with me...

#1) What do I hope to accomplish this year?

Grandiose Dreams:

  • Write a bestselling book
  • Sustain an epic romance, making the Titanic seem like tripe
  • Meditate & practice yoga daily so tranquility oozes from my pores
  • Approach Nirvana, but not before I:
  • Earn lots of money
  • Travel abroad
  • Restore my house to its former glory
  • Replace my car with something better
  • Get noticed by Beto Perez at the Zumba Convention & become one of his star dancers
  • Most importantly: stop time (and thereby the aging process, among other things)

Realistic Goals:

  • Develop my blog and keep writing regularly
  • Deepen my connection with my boyfriend, despite the epic distance between us
  • Quit yelling at my kids. BREATHE and count 1-2-3... for the hundredth time!
  • Trust inner wisdom and listen to my intuition
  • Pay my bills
  • Visit family and friends
  • Reach the bottom of my laundry basket and remember to dust sometimes
  • Pray my car doesn’t break down and keep paying AAA in the meantime
  • Swim to Florida and somehow finagle a ticket into the annual Zumba Convention...
  • Make it to school on time at least 1 out of 5 days a week

#2) What do I need to do to cultivate my intentions?

Honestly, Time is my biggest obstacle. I have a weird relationship with it. I often waste, mismanage, and undervalue Time. At other times I pay too much attention to it; I grasp, chase, and try to hold on to Time like an abandoned lover, unwilling to let go. There never seems to be enough.

If I could make peace with Time, or at least get better at making transitions between activities, I think I’d feel more satisfied. I’m becoming more organized, which should help.

I have the ability to achieve much of what I’d like to accomplish. The trick is to stay motivated and focused, since I can easily be distracted.

One thing I’d like to avoid is becoming uptight. I’d hate to lose my sense of humor or take myself too seriously. Sincerity is admirable, but I don’t want to forget my playful side. There is so much emphasis, especially in American society, on being successful or achieving stuff. I also want to enjoy life as I try to attain my goals. Maintaining a balanced state of mind is therefore essential as I move forwards into 2012!

This post was inspired by #Cultivate2012 from @sailorscorpio.


  1. I hope you're successful with all your realistic goals, and I hope you at least touch those grandiose hopes. Keep dreaming big!

  2. Thanks, Meredith! Where would we be without our dreams? :)


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