Sunday, 28 August 2011

Finding Perfection in the Ordinary

Topic #233:
Describe the perfect Sunday.  What is the best Sunday you've ever had? What is the best possible second half of a weekend you can ever imagine having? Who would you spend time with? Where would you be? What would you do?

Today had a perfect start.  My six year old daughter and I were having Sunday snuggles in bed when I saw my mobile phone's light flashing.  Text message: “Good morning, Princess.”  Of course it would have been even better if the sender could have woken me with a kiss, but this was the next best thing!  Connection is divine.

Sunday is a devotional day.  To me that translates into a day when I honour Love and Beauty. 

I’ve had memorable Sundays with my family and spent equally enjoyable ones alone.  My wish list is simple.  There's something beautiful about finding perfection and contentment in the ordinary.

Breakdown of a Perfect Sunday:

  •  Food is an important element.  If my body is a temple (and it is), than that which nourishes it is also sacred.  In America, I always enjoy my family’s tradition of going out to a restaurant for a big, yummy breakfast.  In Ireland, I enjoy the tradition (shared with England) of having a Sunday roast. 
  •  Soul Sustenance- Time spent meditating, creating, walking in nature, or reading something inspirational is always uplifting.  Earth Prayers From Around the World is a timeless book I turn to.  Sunday is a good day to check in with myself, loved ones, and the greater whole.
  •  Family Time- Usually we putter around the house and relax in our PJs for most of Sunday.  The rest of the week is hectic.  It’s important to dedicate a day to rest and not have an agenda.  Home is the only place I want to be, unless we’re invited to socialize with friends. 
  •   I dream of the day I can read the Sunday paper uninterrupted by children.  It’s getting closer every week!
  •  Practice Gratitude- What better day to notice and give thanks for all of life’s blessings?

A parting prayer...

Mother, Father, God, Universal Power.
Remind us daily of the sanctity of all life.
Touch our hearts with the glorious oneness of all creation,
As we strive to respect all the living beings on this planet.
Penetrate our souls with the beauty of this earth,
As we attune ourselves to the rhythm and flow of the seasons.
Awaken our minds with the knowledge to achieve a world in perfect harmony
And grant us the wisdom to realize that we can have heaven on earth.

-Jo Poore

 *The photo above was taken at An Sanctoir, a holistic community centre and nearby treasure.

Big hugs,


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